Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies.
We stand for competence, reliability, independence, quality and service.
Together with you, we plan, finance and install comprehensive
photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.

WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power for the energy revolution

We plan, realize and structure wind farms for you –
from the initial development stages to completion.


Gain your independence!

Whether tenant electricity, direct marketing, photovoltaic hybrid systems
or storage systems, take advantage of our energy services now to become
independent of increasing electricity prices.

For investors

WIRSOL can work together with you to realize investor projects in large-scale roof systems, solar farms and wind farms. Put your trust in a close partnership with us and benefit in numerous ways.

  • Secure returns

    Investment in renewable energy is transparent, high yield and, thanks to the legally guaranteed feed-in tariffs in many countries – in Germany, based on the EEG – and rising electricity prices also reliably predictable. Yields vary from country to country, depending on the geographical location and choice of components or the national system of subsidies. WIRSOL invests only in countries in which, in partnership with you, we can achieve guaranteed, economically interesting returns.

    As an investor in Germany you can, for example, take advantage of feed-in tariffs guaranteed for 20 years by the state and, in the case of own-consumption models, of long-term power supply contracts with purchasers who are highly solvent. The case is clear – when you invest in a photovoltaic system your money works both for you and for the environment.

  • Additional ecological and economic yields

    Investment in renewable energies is sustainable; protects the climate and, over and above this, contributions to reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to this, the yield and returns generated by solar systems regularly exceeds all forecasts. System service lives always exceed the amortization periods and the calculated duration of system usage. Systems thus offer high residual values, even after legally guaranteed feed-in tariffs have expired – particularly if you supply customers direct with the electricity you generate.

    WIRSOL realizes investor projects for large-scale roof systems, solar farms and wind farms which, thanks to their yield security, represent an ideal risk balancing factor within the scope of many investment portfolios. We invest solely in non-risk countries and in projects which are able to stand up to extensive legal, economic and technical scrutiny. To ensure that all our projects meet our high standards we work closely with prestigious partner law firms, experts and insurance companies.

  • Co-investment

    Whether for our own portfolio or as a partner to our investors, our systems always comply with uniform quality standards. We like to remain on board, accompanying projects from the initial planning stages through construction to operational management. Whether majority or minority shareholdings, together with you as our investment partner we can promote projects, ensuring that they are connected to the grid.

    Do you have suitable roof areas but would prefer to focus on your core business? We are happy to lease your roof area for 20 years, operating a photovoltaic system on it. There is no work involved for you and the rent can, if desired, be paid out as a non-recurring lump sum.