Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies.
We stand for competence, reliability, independence, quality and service.
Together with you, we plan, finance and install comprehensive
photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.

WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power for the energy revolution

We plan, realize and structure wind farms for you –
from the initial development stages to completion.


Gain your independence!

Whether tenant electricity, direct marketing, photovoltaic hybrid systems
or storage systems, take advantage of our energy services now to become
independent of increasing electricity prices.

For project developers

We are happy to assist project developers in our target markets right from the early stages of their projects. Thanks to our expertise in areas such as potential analysis; the securing of real estate; product and technology assessment; network connection and development financing we can be the strong partner at your side.

We have developed meaningful entrepreneurial partnership models to ensure that, with our assistance, regionally and locally well-positioned developers are able to focus on their work in the field and, if possible, to be able to make simultaneously budgeted projects ready for construction at the same time. We are happy to take on entire responsibility for ready-to-build projects or to work with you until they have been connected to the grid.

Parallel to this, we are also interested acquiring full or majority shares in projects which have been professionally prepared for construction and meet all technical, legal and economic prerequisites.

Would you like to find out more? Then please contact our managing directors directly.