Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies. We stand for competence,
reliability, independence, quality and service. Together with you, we plan,
finance and install comprehensive photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.


Photovoltaics for commercial and industrial users

The potential presented by the unused roofs of commercial and industrial properties in Germany is huge.
Exploit it – with your own photovoltaic system from WIRSOL! We can assist you with the entire process, from financing and
planning through installation to insurance and service. Get in touch with us, we will be pleased to help you – also if you are
interested in leasing your roof area or obtaining energy straight from your roof!

WIRSOL Solarpark mit Photovoltaikmodulen für die Energiewende mit Erneuerbaren Energien

Photovoltaics for solar farms

Solar farms are the backbone of the energy revolution. As an experienced project planner
and operator in the ground-mounted system segment WIRSOL can provide you with assistance.
Whether expert assessments, project planning, financing, installation, asset management, service
or contract management – take advantage of our experience! Setzen Sie auf unsere Erfahrung!


Photovoltaics for the housing industry

We have already realized projects in the first cities – additional owner revenue generated by solar energy
and benefits for tenants thanks to intelligent tenant electricity projects. WIRSOL ensures that you,
as a tenant, housing association member or home owner, can generate solar energy on your own roof.
We are using our new concepts to bring the energy revolution to tenants!

For real estate industry

On average end consumer electricity prices have almost doubled since 2000. An end to the trend could, however, be possible. Decentralized energy provision is attracting increasing attention within the scope of the so-called energy revolution. Solar energy plays a special role in this context. Producing your own electricity means independence from large utility companies and slows the inflationary spiral. WIRSOL offers new tenant electricity models to allow tenants to also participate in the energy revolution. These models are available to real estate companies and housing associations. In order to ensure the best possible outcome we focus on consumers’ specific needs, providing you with assistance during the project development and financing phases as well as when applying for state subsidies.

Successful tenant electricity projects in Germany

Successful tenant electricity projects have already been realized in a number of cities, allowing tenants or housing association members to generate solar energy on their roofs, just like homeowners, and thus pay less overall than to their local utility company. Annual 3-figure euro savings are common. The concept of tenant electricity thus has the potential to increase acceptance of sustainable and ecological power generation. Green electricity already has a market share of around 30 percent in Germany – and is on the increase.

How do the tenant electricity models work?

Multiple occupancy buildings generate their own electricity using a photovoltaic system. Additional electricity from the public grid is used to balance out any fluctuations which occur. Billing takes place independently of service charges and is carried out in the usual way for tenants. This allows tenants to make their own choice about participating.

What are the benefits for tenants?

While home owners have long been able to profit from solar energy tenants have, to date, been at a disadvantage. The new tenant electricity models are changing this. The generation of solar electricity on the roof of a multiple occupancy building allows tenants to genuinely participate in the benefits offered by the energy revolution.

What are the benefits for the building owners/landlords?

Building owners or landlords also benefit from the models as they increase the attractiveness and value of their properties.

What subsidies are available?

The discontinuation of the majority of state subsidies has reduced the financial burden on individual households; regular price increases are also no longer a risk. The remuneration offered within the scope of the EEG means that financing of the photovoltaic system is guaranteed and secured in the long term. As a result it is not even necessary for every tenant in the building to purchase tenant electricity. A mix of tenant electricity and conventional electricity supply can be realized within one property.