The best components for the best results

Whether component selection, financing, installation, servicing, insurance or monitoring, we can assemble a complete package for you smoothly. WIRSOL has a global network of premium suppliers at its disposal. Our goal? Your satisfaction.

  • Photovoltaic panels

    Our panels comply with the highest quality and service guidelines. All of our panel suppliers are specialists in their fields with many years of experience and market leadership. We guarantee you high-performance solar panels at highly competitive prices – state of the art technology for high-yield solar Systems.

  • Inverters

    Inverters are the link between solar generators and the electricity grid. We therefore use particularly robust, durable devices for our applications. In addition to this, our suppliers provide the benefit of easy installation and operation, ensuring that your solar harvest is always positive.

  • Installation systems

    Flexible assembly, simple installation and high stability are key aspects which we take into consideration for our tailor-made, stable installation systems. These systems are particularly durable, even in high winds and under heavy snow loads. Whether on sloping or flat roofs or ground-mounted, the modular structure of our sub-constructions ensures maximum precision.

  • Rotors and generators

    Projects in high-yield locations for wind farms require strong partners from the very outset, namely the initial development stages. We thus work exclusively with leading wind turbine manufacturers and service providers, who share and meet our high requirements for every product. The latest generation of wind turbines is, for example, extremely quiet and complies with the exacting demands made by network operators and suppliers. Parallel to this, technical innovations now make it possible to operate wind turbines efficiently even at locations with low wind levels.


    Together with our manufacturers we are part of the PV CYCLE – a voluntary international return and recycle programme for end-of-life panels. This enables us to live up to our promise of comprehensive sustainability, as proven, for example, by the fact that we only use latest-generation panels and inverters for our projects. We are thus able to achieve short energy return times of less than two years.

  • Foundations

    Wind turbines in particular transform enormous amounts of power into electricity. In order to ensure that towers, rotors and generators are able to withstand these natural forces in the long term they must be installed on strong foundations and comply with strict quality standards. To this end, we select only the best components based on specifically defined project requirements.