Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies.
We stand for competence, reliability, independence, quality and service.
Together with you, we plan, finance and install comprehensive
photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.

WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power for the energy revolution

We plan, realize and structure wind farms for you –
from the initial development stages to completion.


Gain your independence!

Whether tenant electricity, direct marketing, photovoltaic hybrid systems
or storage systems, take advantage of our energy services now to become
independent of increasing electricity prices.


The creation of a sustainable energy supply is on one of the greatest challenges of our times. In future our society will be distinguished by both the technological and the economic aspects and innovative potential of renewable energies. The experience gained in these fields will in turn influence the affluence, climate and security of whole regions. Enter into a dialogue with us now and join us in taking up this challenge.

Are you looking for information about or speakers on the renewable energy sector? Our press section provides extensive material on our activities, projects and viewpoints. We provide information, listen and set up networks.

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