Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies. We stand for competence,
reliability, independence, quality and service. Together with you, we plan,
finance and install comprehensive photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.


Photovoltaics for commercial and industrial users

The potential presented by the unused roofs of commercial and industrial properties in Germany is huge.
Exploit it – with your own photovoltaic system from WIRSOL! We can assist you with the entire process, from financing and
planning through installation to insurance and service. Get in touch with us, we will be pleased to help you – also if you are
interested in leasing your roof area or obtaining energy straight from your roof!

WIRSOL Solarpark mit Photovoltaikmodulen für die Energiewende mit Erneuerbaren Energien

Photovoltaics for solar farms

Solar farms are the backbone of the energy revolution. As an experienced project planner
and operator in the ground-mounted system segment WIRSOL can provide you with assistance.
Whether expert assessments, project planning, financing, installation, asset management, service
or contract management – take advantage of our experience! Setzen Sie auf unsere Erfahrung!


Photovoltaics for the housing industry

We have already realized projects in the first cities – additional owner revenue generated by solar energy
and benefits for tenants thanks to intelligent tenant electricity projects. WIRSOL ensures that you,
as a tenant, housing association member or home owner, can generate solar energy on your own roof.
We are using our new concepts to bring the energy revolution to tenants!

Storage systems

In the light of continuously rising electricity prices, an independent power supply is becoming increasingly important. In combination with an intelligent inverter and a solar power storage unit you can, as a rule, use up to 70 % of the electricity you produce with your WIRSOL photovoltaic system and also be able to access it when the sun is not shining. In addition to this, you are also protected against possible electricity grid outages.

We have spent several years carrying out research into solutions for the decentralized storage of the electricity produced using solar energy. Following successful tests we have been able to add the first storage systems to our portfolio.

Facts and figures about the storage system

  • Integrated battery charging management

    Integrated charging control ensures that any battery technology can be connected or retrofitted without additional equipment being required.

  • Control technology for external consumers

    Switchable outputs make it possible to actively control consumers based on the amount of energy available.

  • “All-in-one” system

    The inverter, battery charging management and monitoring system are combined into one single device.

  • Compatibility with modern PV technologies

    The device is equipped with an internal transformer. The resulting galvanic isolation allows the connection of all available panel types.

  • Independent MPP tracker

    Two separately functioning DC inputs allow different roof systems to be connected to one single device.

  • Integrated monitoring system

    An integrated data logger simplifies the connection of the system to the Internet. This allows uncomplicated controlling and remote monitoring of the device via an online portal.

PowerRouter own-consumption solution

Are you looking for an ideal solution which has been specially developed for the optimization of your own consumption? Then the Nedap PowerRouter is just right for you. The PowerRouter belongs to a new generation of intelligent inverters. Thanks to its unique technology it is able to convert self-generated electricity and makes a direct decision about whether to use it immediately, store it or feed it into the public grid. This provides you with greater independence from electricity price increases as well as helping you to make savings.

The PowerRouter unites all functions in one device. This enables you to use electricity efficiently while complying with current regulations.  The PowerRouter allows you to obtain the maximum yield for your self-generated solar electricity –without having to change your usage patterns.