Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies. We stand for competence,
reliability, independence, quality and service. Together with you, we plan,
finance and install comprehensive photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.


Photovoltaics for commercial and industrial users

The potential presented by the unused roofs of commercial and industrial properties in Germany is huge.
Exploit it – with your own photovoltaic system from WIRSOL! We can assist you with the entire process, from financing and
planning through installation to insurance and service. Get in touch with us, we will be pleased to help you – also if you are
interested in leasing your roof area or obtaining energy straight from your roof!

WIRSOL Solarpark mit Photovoltaikmodulen für die Energiewende mit Erneuerbaren Energien

Photovoltaics for solar farms

Solar farms are the backbone of the energy revolution. As an experienced project planner
and operator in the ground-mounted system segment WIRSOL can provide you with assistance.
Whether expert assessments, project planning, financing, installation, asset management, service
or contract management – take advantage of our experience! Setzen Sie auf unsere Erfahrung!


Photovoltaics for the housing industry

We have already realized projects in the first cities – additional owner revenue generated by solar energy
and benefits for tenants thanks to intelligent tenant electricity projects. WIRSOL ensures that you,
as a tenant, housing association member or home owner, can generate solar energy on your own roof.
We are using our new concepts to bring the energy revolution to tenants!

Product advice

No two projects are the same, making individual advice and the selection of the right products even more important. In conjunction with geographical circumstances WIRSOL takes your specific wishes and needs as the starting point for a personal consultation. When doing so we are able to draw on the experience gained in over 8 500 projects and our skilled sales personnel. Contact us and find out for yourself.

We know that photovoltaic systems and wind farms are more than just the sum of their parts. Every system component must be a perfect match to the others if optimum technical and economic results are to be achieved. The factors which influence systems are the conditions on site and individual load profiles and consumption.

Key criteria for our products:

  • Photovoltaic panels

    When selecting the photovoltaic panels for your systems we only take certified products which comply with national and international standards into consideration. Panels must meet our requirements concerning a high degree of efficiency; good low-light performance and linear degradation of performance. These strict quality guidelines enable to meet the demands of both our investors and the insurance companies.

  • Inverters

    Depending on your technical and commercial requirements we will work together with you to realize a decentralized or centralized inverter concept. The advantages of a decentralized concept include system availability, reliability and simple handling during transport and assembly. In addition to this, a decentralized inverter concept also offers the highest possible degree of flexibility as regards alignment in the event of shading, as it allows individual panels to be optimized. Over and above this, WIRSOL only uses products which comply with the strictest fire protection regulations.

    Parallel to this, our partners’ inverters also support smart functions. They thus offer network-supporting or system-beneficial features such as provision of reactive power to ensure the highest possible degree of stability. Additional benefits are that they can be integrated into smart homes, thus contributing to intelligent controlling of power consumers and forecast-based optimization of the energy management system.

  • Sub-construction

    We do everything possible to develop a project-specific solution which is based on the characteristics of the ground or roof. Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to find the best solution, even for statically challenging projects. We use systems which are approved by building control and products which are subject to long-term guarantees and warranties.

  • Storage integration

    We focus on the integration of electro-chemical and thermal storage units to increase the amount of electricity which you can use for your own needs, both for domestic and also commercial projects. Modern lithium-ion storage systems make efficient, space-saving integration and intelligent controlling possible. Parallel to this, we recommend that the storage unit is integrated into an energy management system (EMS) to allow it to be used economically in tandem with the photovoltaic system.

  • Wind energy systems

    We use only systems manufactured by well-known manufacturers with high quality standards to ensure that your wind energy system meets both your needs and the requirements presented by its specific location. In order to ensure a optimum result we take a number of factors into consideration when selecting your wind energy system:

    • The amount of energy produced
    • Generator capacity
    • Purchase price (per kilowatt hour produced)
    • System availability/delivery time
    • Manufacturer liquidity
    • Contractual terms and conditions (e.g. concerning system availability)
    • Manufacturer guarantees and warranties
    • Long-term, on-going operating costs for servicing, maintenance and repairs
    • Expected reinstatement costs at the end of the system’s service life

    Parallel to this, from the outset we consider other additional factors during the planning process, such as the required land usage; the type of assembly; the use of bio-degradable lubricating and operating materials; possible additional technical features of the wind energy system and the service offered by the manufacturer.