Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies.
We stand for competence, reliability, independence, quality and service.
Together with you, we plan, finance and install comprehensive
photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.

WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power for the energy revolution

We plan, realize and structure wind farms for you –
from the initial development stages to completion.


Gain your independence!

Whether tenant electricity, direct marketing, photovoltaic hybrid systems
or storage systems, take advantage of our energy services now to become
independent of increasing electricity prices.

Climate protection

Temperature fluctuations are nothing new in the history of the Earth. Previous climate changes, however, happened so slowly that flora, fauna and humans had enough time to adapt to the new conditions. Today we are confronted with extremely rapid global warming. In the last 100 years average temperatures worldwide have increased by 0.75°C. Climate researchers have now issued warnings that we could be faced with a global temperature increase of up to 6.4°C by 2100. The consequences would be devastating – the extinction of plant and animal species; mass migration; growing competition for resources and, not least, declining standards of living.

  • What exactly is happening?

    Warmer temperatures are causing ice at the poles to melt. The rise in sea levels will result in lower lying areas being flooded; others will become deserts. People are already fleeing the consequences of global warming. In future hundreds of thousands more could lose their homes. Climate change threatens to become a socio-ecological problem whose influence will also be felt in Germany.

  • What are the causes of climate change?

    One of the causes of global warming is the increased emission of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), which is linked to the onset of industrialization some 200 years ago. The higher concentration of these climate-damaging gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is responsible for the so-called “greenhouse effect”. The planet’s heat builds up under a layer of CO2 and radiation into space decreases, resulting in increased temperatures on the surface of the Earth.

  • What can you do to combat climate change?

    The primary cause of climate-damaging greenhouse gases is the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy. The energy industry accounts for nearly half in the form of coal-fired power plants or energy generators fuelled with natural gas and oil. A massive reduction of these CO2 emissions is required to halt climate change. One way to do this is to use renewable energy, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels while simultaneously preserving natural resources and protecting the Earth’s climate.