Sun for the energy revolution

WIRSOL is your partner for renewable energies.
We stand for competence, reliability, independence, quality and service.
Together with you, we plan, finance and install comprehensive
photovoltaic solutions of all sizes.

WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power for the energy revolution

We plan, realize and structure wind farms for you –
from the initial development stages to completion.


Gain your independence!

Whether tenant electricity, direct marketing, photovoltaic hybrid systems
or storage systems, take advantage of our energy services now to become
independent of increasing electricity prices.

Own consumption and feeding into the grid

Rising prices for fossil fuels and the costs for nuclear waste disposal are also causing energy prices to increase, with electricity becoming more expensive. Opt out of this inflationary spiral now – with your own photovoltaic system. Put your faith in regenerative energies – the future belongs to them.

Avoid steadily increasing electricity prices and free yourself from dependency on falling feed-in remuneration with your own photovoltaic system. For many years feed-in tariffs were higher than energy supplier power prices. Falling costs thanks to every more efficient system components and increasing power prices have, however, led to what is known as grid parity. Increasing power prices have overtaken decreasing feed-in remuneration, making own consumption more profitable than ever, paying for itself thanks to ever more efficient system components and special state subsidies. Should your own consumption be lower than the amount you produce, you can simply feed the surplus power into the grid and get paid in return.

Would you like to find out more about the potencial of own consumption and feeding into the grid?