Photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial roofs

Over the years photovoltaic systems have become significantly more powerful and affordable. Despite the fact that large roof surfaces in particular are now more suitable than ever for the installation of photovoltaic systems, Germany still has enormous unused potential in the form of commercial and industrial roofs. This potential should be exploited. Instead of letting your roof lie idle, make it work for you! You can, for example, take advantage of a planned roof renovation as the first step on the path to solar energy. When you install a WIRSOL solar system you will benefit from the experience gained from over 8 500 existing systems.

We are pleased to offer you our assistance as an experienced partner, providing the know-how which will ensure that your project is highly efficient. A two or three percent variation in yield can make a difference of several thousand euros per year. We use our own solar test farm to gather the know-how required to select the optimum components for your project, in turn allowing us to ensure that your solar farm generates maximum yields for decades.

Key information for commercial customers at a glance

  • What can we do for you?

    We provide assistance from financing and planning through installation to insurance and service. As the strong partner at your side we can help you to improve your carbon footprint. Our comprehensive service package also goes beyond project completion – WIRSOL is also happy to manage the maintenance and servicing of your investment. Our O&M department can draw on the experience gained from maintaining and monitoring technically challenging high-performance solar farms to achieve your highest goals.

  • What are your options?

    You decide – use the photovoltaic system on your roof for your own needs or simply lease the surface to an investor.

  • How can you benefit from a photovoltaic system?

    A solar system on your commercial roof surface allows you to set your own power prices for decades to come as well as also to take advantage of the low costs incurred by a photovoltaic system and benefit from far-reaching increases in energy costs. With every cent power costs increase, the more your potential savings grow. Having your own photovoltaic system is a capital investment which offers guaranteed returns. Alternatively, you can, of course, use the electricity you generate for your own consumption, achieving independence from external energy service providers.

  • Where can you find out more?

    Our experienced team will be pleased to provide you with advice at no obligation. Contact us. We can show you what your roof can do for you!