Photovoltaic systems for public buildings

The energy revolution has consequences for everyone. Together with you we can make a contribution to safeguarding our planet and protecting a viable environment. Careful handling of our resources is the only way to ensure the long-term safety of the world created by God. Your congregation can act as a focus of public interest in this regard. Take advantage of this to set a good example with your own photovoltaic system from WIRSOL. It will not only ensure that you make a visible public contribution to preserving God’s world but, in addition to this, will also deliver a long-term means to relieve the pressure on your congregation’s budget.

Tailor-made components

The planning and implementation of a photovoltaic project for a public building is always a particular challenge. We focus on tailor-made components to ensure that your photovoltaic system is able to meet your specific needs and the characteristics of your building. WIRSOL has extensive experience in the public sector – for example thanks to our long-standing partnership with the Archdiocese of Freiburg and the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate.

Perfectly matched

From inspection of statics through compilation of a concept for preservation authorities to tax considerations and financing, we are able to provide all the services you require from one single source. Whether churches, schools, halls, building yards, public carparks or charitable institutions, we will ensure that your public building enables you to benefit from the sun, while still retaining its historic character. How do we achieve this? When planning your system we consistently focus on its aesthetic integration into the existing fabric of the structure while simultaneously designing the system to meet your power needs, resulting in optimum consumption on your part.