WIRSOL setzt für die Energiewende auf Windenergie

Wind power stations

The sun and wind are the driving forces behind the so-called ‘energy revolution’. It is therefore logical to combine both forms of energy to take advantage of synergy effects. How does this work? A wind power station uses kinetic energy from the wind by deflecting it into the rotor by means of flow deflection, causing the rotor to turn and converting some of the wind’s energy into power. The rotor profile is aerodynamically designed to generate negative pressure on the upper part of the aerofoil section and positive pressure underneath it. The resulting lift is transmitted to a hub and transformed into rotation, which in turn is converted into electrical energy (electricity) by means of a mechanical gearbox and a generator.

Some sites are suitable for systems which combine wind and solar energy. The reasoning behind this combination of both forms of energy is that it allows optimum use of an existing connection to the grid or the high possible amount of local electricity consumption within the grid to be met using renewable energy.

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