WIRSOL’s latest start-up investment aims to shape the industrial revolution

ScutiX develops wind and solar farms to power its on-site data centresscutix

Frankfurt/Waghäusel. The high levels of computing power required by the IT-sector for emerging business models in almost every industry, not to mention the up-and-coming blockchain and crypto industries, are just some of the main drivers behind rising electricity demand worldwide. Computing and sharing capacities, electricity consumption and costs are all rising rapidly. In November 2017, for example, the Bitcoin network consumed more energy than Ireland. The IT industry as a whole is hitting an energy wall. As a result, the green energy revolution must pick up pace in order to safeguard the long-term interests of our planet.

ScutiX, which is a start-up, was founded to play a leading role in this endeavour by providing a self-scaling infrastructural solution for the generation of green power. ScutiX is led by CEO Aydonat Atasever, who is also a founder of the ScutiX idea. He built his reputation as a successful internet and e-commerce entrepreneur.

Another of the ScutiX founders and investors is the German renewable energy company WIRSOL, which is headquartered in Waghäusel, Germany. On 25-26 June WIRSOL managing director Peter Vest will be attending the World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany to present Scutix’s innovative solution to the crypto and blockchain communities. WIRSOL’s managing directors, Peter Vest and Markus Wirth, have a distinguished track record as renewable energy experts and serve as advisers to the ScutiX management team.

“We are in the midst of an industrial revolution”, explained Markus Wirth. “If we want humanity to succeed, we need to invest in the digital economy and climate protection together. The combination of self-sustaining, cost effective and independent energy production with computing and sharing capacities represents a key milestone in achieving this objective. It will facilitate our digital transformation, but without the environment having to pay the price.”

The global energy transition issue is a pressing concern. To counter this, ScutiX will develop and construct solar and wind farms with storage capacities to serve its on-site data centres, where the crypto community as well as the IT sector at large can run their innovative business models using 100 per cent green energy at very competitive rates. Each ScutiX farm will contain 10,000 CUs (Computing Units) and generate 20 MW of clean electrical energy.